about JCEG


In an effort to deepen the cultural exchange and strengthen the bonds between Japan and Guam, a humble media campaign that started as an exposition, but grew into a historical discovery- was born. In this campaign, we take our viewers on an unexpected journey that explores a treasury of untold accounts of Guam’s deep-rooted historical connection to Japan and the continuing powerful impact we embrace today. The Consulate-General of Japan in Hagatna and the Japan Club of Guam, proudly present “Japan Cultural Exploration in Guam 2022 (JCEG 2022)”.  

We get up close and personal with Mr. Frank S.N. Shimizu, as he shares his knowledge of his CHamoru-Japanese family lineage dating back to the end of the 19th century, and the impact each generation made on Guam in trade and commerce. Viewers will also get to witness heartfelt interviews with Mr. Frank T. Ishizaki, and Mr. Gil A. Shinohara, moderated by former Congressman Dr. Robert A. Underwood, as they disclose the undocumented history of their ancestors, and reflect on the sacrifices that were made to help create the CHamoru-Japanese community we know today. We will further explore “the experience of a lifetime”, with former Japan Exchange and Teaching Program graduate (JET) Ms. Jennifer McFerran, and student host, Ms. Miwa Gudmundsen, as they engage our local youth about the unique opportunity to work and experience true cultural immersion in Japan.

Looking for adventure? Viewers can follow our live Instagram broadcasts as our local youth travels through both the busy city and winter mountains of Japan. This, along with other exciting content for all interests, will be available to our Guam residents.

This event will be broadcast on Television, social media apps, and YouTube from February 19 through the 27th, 2022. And you can enjoy the afterglow until the middle of March.